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Backed by science and grown with care, we are dedicated to raising standards across the industry.


Consistent and reliable products are not the norm in the industry.

More & more products contain dangerous solvents, cutting agents and pesticides.

Lack of quality control throughout the cultivation process.



Highly automated facility producing repeatable growing conditions to ensure efficacy start to finish


• Standardized procedure of excellence
• Custom, tailored approach
• Strong and viable COA’s


We believe in partnering with cultivators and brands that value high-quality cannabis at scale.


At vertis, details matter. That’s why we handle the process, and all of the intricate details along the way. From genetic selection to sale, we ensure efficacy of every harvest.

Vertis is the first of its kind – bringing crafted cannabis, at scale. Vertis’ 400,000 SF HQ is vertically-integrated and highly automated with an on site co-generated power plant making us off grid and carbon neutral. This makes for perfected cultivation, down to a science. With control of the supply chain in house, strong SOPs and a dynamic team, you can rely on your partnership with Vertis.


We extract from the strongest genetics bred in-house to retain the greatest terpenes and cannabinoids. Our Subcritical and Supercritical CO2 extraction machine allows for a cleaner, more precise extract without any harsh chemicals or solvents.

As result, no genetic variation. From start to finish


White labeling, cultivation & manufacturing opportunities available for high-grade, CAT3 tested products. Mutually agreed upon cultivar, generated to optimize specific phenotype traits.


Whether your demand superseded your chance to scale or you’re simply figuring out how to perfect your own in-house supply chain, Vertis is here to help along the way.

Vertis partners with leaders and pioneers in the industry.
Let’s work together to change the way cannabis does business.

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